in association with Professor Stephen Benton


Process improvement using Six Sigma concepts are proven techniques for waste reduction and mistake proofing. In addition to using these techniques to improve the external work of the team, these techniques can also be employed to focus on the process of project management, leading to reduction in wasted effort.

In order to achieve this reduction, teams need systematic access to a set of interpersonal competencies which actively support Six Sigma criteria.

To this end, the approach and method demonstrated within the workshop highlights the interaction between the Six Sigma structure and the BPsy behavioural model, to promote an integrated approach to best practice for project teams.

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New Six Sigma for Project Management

in association with Professor Stephen Benton


This workshop will equip the participants with the knowledge and skills to ferment and resolve dynamic processes as integral elements in good governance. This will be achieved by an examination of the ways in which failures in conflict resolution, decision making and team work undermine best practice to the detriment of good governance

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Fight amongst yourselves or behave! A route to Corporate Governance

in association with Professor Stephen Benton


 to remind course delegates of some project fundamentals, for example team troubles and how information gets degraded, decision making quality drops and conflict grows

 to present examples of problems like poor conflict resolution, time wasting, communications failures and ways to build behavioural counters to them

 to provide a methodology (Insights) for making explicit and manageable those differences of personality and cognitive style that distort working relationships

 to work through examples of failed and failing communications, highlight how to identify sources and how to recover from them

 provide a strategy for building good teams

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Psychology for Projects - from chaos to harmony